Intangible Dreams

Dreams to dine for...

The best-kept secret of The Goblet, Intangible Dreams is a small, boutique restaurant operated by food gurus Maes Otsdarva and Nyte Snow. Located in Ward 9, Plot 42 on Mateus, this role-playing experience will be one to remember!

The menu varies slightly each week in that we source our foods from local markets, so while one week you may have the fish dish and experience fresh salmon, the next week it could be trout.

Patrons of the Intangible Dreams enjoy a meal.

We are open to the public on Monday evenings from 8-11pm, Eastern Time. Reservations are not necessary. We also host special, reservation required events once per month. Check Contact for more details.

Finally, we cater! We can open for special events, come to your event, or create special menus. Our staff is impeccably trained and well-dressed, suitable for weddings, get-togethers, or funerals.

Gastronomic Desires...

Nebulous hopes and dreams came together in the form of this small, boutique restaurant, which opened in 2020. Courtesans Maes Otsdarva and Nyte Snow decided to broaden their horizons into a more family-friendly way of pleasing their customers, falling back on their true loves: The Kitchen and Food.

Nyte Snow and Maes Otsdarva, in chef coats.

Maes Otsdarva
Travelling around the kitchens of the world, Ul'dah native Maes Otsdarva is capable of building traditional meal sets or a fusion of cuisine styles. Maes is a veteran of handling the facets of fine dining, but is comfortable with a pop-up street dining endeavour. When he is not yelling in the kitchen, he is glaring from atop his cat tree.

Nyte Snow
Hailing from the eastern mountains, Nyte Snow brings a Hingan flare to the kitchen. The tall Veena is always mixing and matching Doman and Eorzean cuisine in an effort to find the perfect fusion of east and west.

Our Staff
We are not a free company, and hire folk from all walks of life. We use a cross-realm linkshell and discord to keep in touch. Interested in joining the team? Speak to Maes or Nyte!

Contact Maes & Snow

Do you need to have a conversation with our chefs, Maes Otsdarva or Nyte Snow? There are different ways to get in touch.

Feel free to contact us in FFXIV. This can be a bit challenging since it depends on us being online. FFXIV does not allow mail to be sent between strangers.

You can join our discord! We announce special events etc. there, and you can chat with Maes and Snow there in our channels or privately by direct message.

Out of Game Contacts

Catering & Take-Away

Here at Intangible Dreams, we recognize that serving up delicious food can be a challenge at times. Whether it's a long day campaigning against angry gobbues or mending smelly Adventurer Gear, sometimes you just want something to eat without the eating-out experience. We're happy to help you with our take-away options. Just stop in an order, and we can have it ready to go. There is a surcharge if we have to provide a basket for your meal, though.

Do you have a special event coming up? Intangible Dreams is ready to be your dream team to serve up a delicious meal to groups of any size. Whether it is a special date for two moogles in love or a large undertaking such as a wedding, funeral, or surprise party, we can work with you.

We can work with our existing menus or with clients to design a special menu for the specific event.

Be in touch to discuss pricing.

Cocktail Menu


Hot buttered rum
Made from butter infused reserve rum, this warm cocktail is served with a garnish of star anise and a cinnamon stick. Imbiber beware, this drink is much stronger than you'd think!

With the strong taste of anise and citrus, This bright blue coloured cocktail is almost as sweet as the Miqo'te it's named after.

Mint'qote Hot Cocoa
This thick glazed clay mug is full to the brim of creamy hot cocoa, seasoned by a sugared cane of peppermint. Served with a shot of rum or virgin; marshmallows on request.

Pumpkin Pie Delight
With the flavors of spiced pumpkin, vanilla vodka, and a decadent cream liqueur, this is drink the perfect way to kick off the autumn season in a sweet way!

Smokey Old Fashioned
Using a smoked glass and one of the finest single barrel whiskeys, our take on the classic old fashioned is garnished with a brandied cherry made in house daily, and a lemon and orange peel twist.

A sweet, slushy drink served in a margarita glass rimmed with salt. A mix of the Dreams' signature cactuar pear juice mixed with the finest Thanalan Tequila ensures this drink is not shy with its kick.

Sour Sabotender
A sweet, slushy drink served in a margarita glass rimmed with salt. A mix lime juice mixed with the finest Thanalan Tequila ensures this drink is not shy with its kick.

Pizza Toppings


Whether it is a little cheese or a lot of cheese, we can make it. Cheese made of freshly churned Buffalo Milk.


  • Ham

  • Mild or Spicy Ala Mhigan Pepperoni

  • Shredded Red Chocobo

  • Mild or Spicy Aldgoat Sausage

  • Lominsan Anchovy

  • Garlic Butter Crawfish

  • Green Peppers

  • Hot Peppers

  • Onion

  • Green Olives

  • Black Olives

  • Tomato

  • Pineapple

  • Capers

  • Mushrooms

  • Artichoke

  • Spinach

  • Extra herbs

Intangible Dreams


Hear what dining critics, patrons, and guests of special events have to say about the Intangible Dreams experience. Note: There was no compensation offered for these reviews.

Intangible Dreams
  • This is honestly the most immersive restaurant experience I have had in this game and I will be certain to tell my friends about it in the near future! I also will taking up the catering for my future events for my RP FC! ~Yumi [email protected]

  • Five star service! ~Q'larga Montego

  • An absolute delight of an establishment! ~Radovan Nintasch

  • What a wonderful place! The staff did an amazing job! ~Emily Whispers

Intangible Dreams

Intangible Dreams in Reunion

Intangible Dreams is broadening the dreamscape, taking its food on the road to the Reunion Market. Our pop-up booth is open from 7pm EST on Friday, November 13. Our special menu is prepared mostly on-site, and is ready to carry.

Savory Menu

The traditional dumpling of the steppe, these are filled with a mix of seasoned, ground sheep, dzo, and marmot. Steamed to order and served in a disposable woven-grass basket.

Ground, seasoned marmot stuffed into dough pockets and flash fried, served hot.

Seasoned, cubed sheep meat is served speared on a skewer, along with tomato, fat, and peppers. It is freshly roasted over a fire before serving.

Meat is freshly shaved from a shank of roasted, seasoned sheep and placed inside a kiln-fired bread pocket along with a choice of vegetables and sauces.

Sweets Menu

Fried dough squares served with a dusting of powder sugar, or a small pot of honey or rolanberry jam.

This buttery, flaky square consists of multiple layers of thin pastry and ground walnuts in honey.

Drink Menu

Fermented mare's milk; prepared especially for this market, the milk was stored in bladders made of sheep stomach and allowed to freeze nightly for the week in advance of the market for the perfect, sour, alcoholic milky drink.

A rich, earthy millet beer.

Cactuar Pear Juice
Intangible Dreamers never travel without their signature cactuar pear juice!

Join us on Monday in the Goblet! Receive a discount if you say you met us in Reunion!

Whispered Wish
Intangible Dreams

The Whispered Wish is proud to present The Bounties of Eorzea, in partnership with Intangible Dreams. Enjoy the music and the food, and reflect on all the wishes and dreams that have come true.

Intangible Dreams

Our appetizers can be sized to fit your group - single, couple, and party. Sampler is only available in party size.

Intangible Dreams

Cheesy Popoto Soup (Ishgard)
This thick, creamy popoto soup will banish even the coldest of chills. Made with fresh russet popotos, cream, scallions, and topped with a molten, bubbly three-cheese blend.

Sambousek (Ala Mhigo)
These rolls are made with thin rice paper and stuffed with spice dzo chuck, steppe vegetables, and a served with a creamy, zesty sauce.

Buuz (Steppes)
These potsticker dumplings are chock full of flavour, and are crammed with sweetly seasoned dzo chuck. Served with two sauces: a spicy green paste and a soy and hot-pepper sauce.

Intangible Dreams

All entrées come with a side serving of steppe salad.

Intangible Dreams

Stuffed Autumn Squash (Gridania)
This autumn squash has been halved and hulled, before being roasted and stuffed with vegetables, wild rice, and mushrooms. Served drizzled with an oil and vinegar dressing.

Kofta Platter (Thanalan)
Spicy chunks of roasted mammoth and flavoured cheeses make up these savory kabobs. Served with flatbread and a sweet dill cucumber dip.

Sea-Lover's Paella (Lominsan)
This meal is made delicious by the inclusion of a wild variety of freshly-caught Lominsan seafood. Mussels, oysters, squid and octopus, fish, and scallops are served alongside and in this rice dish.

Intangible Dreams

Every component of this is made in-house, down to our hand-churned butters and creams.

Intangible Dreams

Cream Pie (Goblet Treat)
Made using the freshest ingredients, this pie's soft custard filling is made from a mixture of buffalo milk, sweet cream, vanilla, honey lemon zest, maple sugar, rich chocolate and peanut butter in a crust of chocolate cookies.

Mochi (Hingan/Doman)
These pressed rice cakes are formed into balls and served chilled. Order comes with four mochi, one each of red bean, matcha, strawberry, and mango.

Banana and Dark Chocolate Pudding
This dark chocolate pudding is given a Garlean flare through the addition of fermented banana.

Dondurma (Hannish)
This unique iced cream is made with fresh buffalo cream, sugars, ground lotus root and mastic. This stretchy icecream is served in a log with a rolanberry jelly, is resistant to melting, and is slightly chewy.

Intangible Dreams

We have a wide range of beverages available, from sober delights, wakeful wonderments, and alcoholic arrays.

Intangible Dreams

Please see the Whispered Wish Drink menu for a choice of delicious cocktails.

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